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2023 - Innsbruck, Austria

The 21st International Radiance Workshop
Innsbruck, Austria
August 28-31, 2023
Hosted by: David Geisler-Moroder, Universität Innsbruck
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Monday, 28 August 2023
09:00 - 12:30 Mikkel Pedersen, Ladybug Tools
Tutorial #1: An Introduction to Ladybug Tools and Pollination for Radiance users
13:30 - 16:30 Jan Wienold, EPFL
Tutorial #2: (Daylight) glare evaluation
Tuesday, 29 August 2023
09:00 - 10:50 Greg Ward, Anyhere Software
What's new in Radiance 2023 (Audio, Video)
Zhen Tian & Yongqing Zhao
Modified Climate-based Daylight Modeling Methods for Buildings (Audio, Video)
Stephen Wasilewski
Raytraverse + Radiance: sampling scene features + ambient caching = faster high quality images (Audio, Video)
Sarith Subramaniam
Adapting genBSDF for custom fenestration measurement (Audio, Video)
Carsten Bauer
Radzilla 3.33 (Audio, Video)
11:10 - 12:40 Marshal Maskarenj A new Radiance-based simulation workflow for modeling annual visual and non-visual metrics (Audio, Video)
Priji Balakrishnan
Generating location-specific spectral skies for spectral simulations (Audio, Video)
Alstan Jakubiec
Review of fritted and diffusing glass: measurement, modelling, and impact (Audio, Video)
John Mardaljevic
A hybrid measurement-simulation appraoch to determine the daylight exposure of the Volury tapestries at Ham House (Audio, Video)
13:40 - 15:30 Justin McCarty
High-resolution vegetation proxy modeling for partial shading effects on BIPV facades (Audio, Video)
Valeria Piccioni
A multiscale appraoch to study the thermo-optical properties of 3D-printed facades: capturing material and geometrical complexity (Audio, Video)
Giuseppe De Michele & Joseph Roberts
Modelling and simulation of PDLC glazing in Radiance (Audio, Video)
Janina Willmann
Simulating patterned (Photovoltaic) glass with data-driven variable-resolution BRDFs (Audio, Video)
Nima Forouzandeh
Influence of inaccurate material optical properties and geometrical levels of detail on daylight simulation results - sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification (Audio, Video)
15:50 - 17:15 Jon Sargent
Multiversal ray tracing (a.k.a Everything everywhere now and for the whole year (Audio, Video)
Jan Wienold
The "forgotten" influence of atmospherica humidity on sky modeling with gendaylit (Audio, Video)
Lars Grobe
Climate-based daylight modeling, metric and level of detail (Audio, Video)
Martin Hauer
Introduction to the unit of Energy Efficient Building (EEB) at the University of Innsbruck: Overview, Lab Infrastructure, and the MEZeroE project (Audio, Video)
Monday, 28 August 2023
08:45 - 10:35 Yunni Cho
Tone-mapping requirements in real-time vidoes for studying the dynamism of views-out in virtual reality (Audio, Video)
Sietse de Vries
Simulating dappled light patterns for VR research with Radiance (Audio, Video)
Kazunori Yanagawa & Tomoyuki Akaho
Observation method of photon flow using virtual reality headsets - Application to architectural light environment design (Audio, Video)
Ömercan Yazici
Using Radiance as a baseline for interactive glare risk assessment on the GPU (Audio, Video)
Christian Knoflach
Small glare sources in the periphery of the field of vision (Audio, Video)
10:55 - 12:30 Zhe Kong
Visual and Non-visual Impacts of Commercial Self-luminous Signboards in Residential Areas in China (Audio, Video)
Margarita Alwalidi
The effect of multichannel spectral simulation on hte evaluation of lighting energy demand in an office room (Audio, Video)
John Mardaljevic & Lukas Prost
Validation of VELUX Daylight Visualizer CBDM Predictions Against Radiance (Audio, Video)
David Geisler-Moroder & Lukas Prost
Validation of DVIZ simulations with BSDFs against Radiance (Audio, Video)
13:30 - 15:00 Ingrid Demanega
Coupling Radiance and Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation for a detailed characterization of façades with integrated shading device (Audio, Video)
Miriam Nader Elias
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Four-Sided Wind Towers for Daylighting: Parametric Daylight Performance & Optimization Study of a Complex Fenestration System Using Radiance (Audio, Video)
Daniel Plorer
Daylight Glare Probability and Façade Openness Analysis of moveable Blind Systems using Raytraverse (Audio, Video)
Christian Knoflach
The workflow challenges in daylighting calculations with RADIANCE for huge architectural structures (Audio, Video)
15:25 - 17:45 Francesco Anselmo
Designing the full moon theatre (Audio, Video)
Rob Shakespeare
Designing visually accessible spaces (Audio, Video)
Andreas Noback
phos4dtools: Reconstructing the daylight conditions in an insula of antique Pompeii (Audio, Video)
Greg Ward
Update on refactoring progress (Audio, Video)
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