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2017 - Portland


The Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL) is pleased to host this year's International Radiance Workshop at the University of Oregon campus in Portland, Oregon! With a long tradition of gathering academics, professionals, and enthusiasts of the Radiance simulation tools, the workshop is a great opportunity to connect, learn, and exchange ideas with the community!

The event will begin with an optional viewing of the 2017 total solar eclipse on the morning of Monday, August 21st. The traditional three-day Radiance workshop will then continue from Tuesday, August 22nd through Thursday, August 24th. And finally, Friday, August 25th will feature an optional one-day hands-on Radiance training aimed at professionals and students looking to learn more about Radiance daylighting simulation.

Registration is open until July 31st! Students are afforded a 40% discount for the three-day workshop registration and a 50% discount for the optional hands-on Radiance training. More information on pricing and registration can be found at

The call for presenters is also open! We invite you to share your work with the Radiance community in a 30-minute presentation format. Presenters will receive a 20% registration discount for the three-day workshop registration. If you are interested in presenting your work please go to and submit a short abstract (up to 250-words; 1 optional figure/image; submit by June 1st, 2017). Multiple proposals per presenter are acceptable!

Questions can be directed to Alen Mahic ( and Stephanie Luiere (

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!

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