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2024 - Salt Lake City, UT

The 22nd International Radiance Workshop
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 26-28, 2024

Venue: Publik Coffee Roasters (they have a large event space and good coffee)
975 S W Temple St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Register by July 19, 2024

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Presentation Submission

All attendees are invited to present at the workshop. Presentations should have some connection to Radiance & daylight simulation. Email a title and short abstract to [email protected].

Hotel Recommendation

I recommend staying at the Double Tree suites in downtown Salt Lake City. It is a 6 minute walk from the green line light rail that goes to and from the airport. It is also a 15 minute walk to the Workshop Venue.
Double Tree Suites Downtown Salt Lake City
Hotel Location in Maps

Workshop Schedule

Monday, 26 August 2024
Seminar #1
New Hyperspectral Rendering Capabilities in Radiance
This tutorial will provide an introduction to the new hyperspectral rendering capabilities in Radiance 6.0, with a walk-through of applications in electric lighting, daylight, and annual simulation. Different approaches to spectral sky measurement and modeling will be described, together with new Radiance and frads calculation tools. The instructors will set aside extra time for questions and suggestions from participants.

Presenters: Greg Ward, Anyhere Software
Taoning Wang, LBNL
Seminar #2
Pyradiance and frads
This tutorial will go through a set of standard daylighting and energy simulation workflows fully in Python using pyradiance and frads. Pyradiance is a python wrapper for Radiance and frads is a lighting and energy simulation framework integrating Radiance and EnergyPlus. We will start with point-in-time and annual daylighting simulation and move on to Radiance and EnergyPlus runtime interaction. We will pull fenestration data from database and make custom glazing systems all in Python.

Presenter: Taoning Wang, LBNL
Tuesday, 27 August 2024
Participant Presentations
Wednesday, 28 August 2024
Participant Presentations
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