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Manual Pages

A manual page provides a description of a single radiance program documenting all options available with the program.  They are a good reference once you are familiar with Radiance, but don't offer much in the way of instruction for a new user.  You can access the manual pages on linux or Mac OSX systems from thee command line by typing 'man' followed by the radiance program name (ie 'man rpict').  If this does not work on your system then you probably need to set the $MANPATH variable.

You can download a PDF of all manual pages (in alphabetical order) or you can download a pdf for individual programs below.

Individual manual pages (categorized):

Scene preparation / processing

  • ies2rad - convert IES luminaire data to RADIANCE description
  • mgf2meta - convert Materials and Geometry Format file to Metafile graphics
  • mgf2rad - convert Materials and Geometry Format file to RADIANCE description
  • obj2rad - convert Wavefront .obj file to RADIANCE description
  • obj2mesh - create a compiled RADIANCE mesh file from Wavefront .OBJ input
  • tmesh2rad - convert a triangular mesh to a RADIANCE scene description


Radiance geometry generators

  • genblinds - generate a RADIANCE description of venetian blinds
  • genbox - generate a RADIANCE description of a box
  • genBSDF -generate BSDF description from Radiance or MGF input
  • genclock - generate a RADIANCE description of a clock
  • genprism - generate a RADIANCE description of a prism
  • genrev - generate a RADIANCE description of surface of revolution
  • gensky - generate a RADIANCE description of the sky
  • gendaylit - generate a RADIANCE description of the daylit sources using Perez models for diffuse and direct components
  • gensurf - generate a RADIANCE description of a curved surface
  • genworm - generate a RADIANCE description of a functional worm
  • pkgBSDF - package BSDFs provided as XML for Radiance


Scene preparation / processing

  • xform - transform a RADIANCE scene description
  • rcalc - record calculator
  • icalc - interactive calculator
  • cnt - index counter
  • macbethcal - compute color compensation based on measured Macbeth chart
  • lampcolor - compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter
  • ev - evaluate expressions
  • neaten - neaten up output columns
  • tabfunc - convert table to functions for rcalc, etc.
  • total - sum up columns
  • vwright - normalize a RADIANCE view, shift it to the right
  • rcollate - resize or transpose a matrix of data values
  • replmarks - replace triangular markers in a RADIANCE scene description
  • rlam - laminate records from multiple files
  • pmblur - generate views for camera motion blurring
  • pmdblur - generate views for combined camera motion and depth blurring
  • pdfblur - generate views for depth-of-field blurring
  • vwrays - compute rays for a given picture or view
  • oconv - create an octree from a RADIANCE scene description
  • getbbox - compute bounding box for RADIANCE scene
  • mkillum - compute illum sources for a RADIANCE scene
  • compamb - compute good ambient value for a rad input file
  • raddepend - find RADIANCE scene dependencies
  • objview - view RADIANCE object(s)
  • lookamb - examine ambient file values
  • rhcopy - copy ray information into a holodeck
  • rhoptimize - optimize beam locations in holodeck file



  • rpict - generate a RADIANCE picture
  • rvu - generate RADIANCE images interactively
  • rcontrib - compute contribution coefficients in a RADIANCE scene
  • rtrace - trace rays in RADIANCE scene
  • rpiece - render pieces of a RADIANCE picture
  • ranimate - compute a RADIANCE animation
  • ranimove - render a RADIANCE animation with motion
  • rholo - generate/view a RADIANCE holodeck
  • rhpict - render a RADIANCE picture from a holodeck file
  • bsdfview - view a BSDF representation


User interface

  • rad - render a RADIANCE scene
  • trad - graphical user interface to Radiance rad program
  • lampcolor - compute spectral radiance for diffuse emitter
  • dayfact - compute illuminance and daylight factor on workplane
  • glare - perform glare and visual comfort calculations
  • getinfo - get header information from a RADIANCE file
  • xshowtrace - interactively show rays traced on RADIANCE image under X11


Viewing output

  • ximage - RADIANCE picture display for X window system
  • x11meta - output metafile graphics to X11


Daylight coefficients, and flux matrix tools for annual simulation

  • genklemsamp - generate ray samples over surfaces using Klems BSDF basis
  • genskyvec - compute patch radiance averages for a specific sky
  • gendaymtx - generate annual perez sky matrix from a weather tape
  • dctimestep - compute annual simulation time-step via matrix multiplication
  • rfluxmtx - compute flux transfer matrices for a radiance scene
  • rmtxop - concatenate, add, multiply, divide, transpose, scale, and convert matrices


Photon Map Tools

  • mkpmap - generate RADIANCE photon map


Analyze and convolve

  • pfilt - filter a RADIANCE picture
  • falsecolor - make a false color RADIANCE picture
  • histo - compute 1-dimensional histogram of N data columns
  • phisto - compute a luminance histogram from one or more RADIANCE picture
  • pcond - condition a RADIANCE picture for output
  • findglare - locate glare sources in a RADIANCE scene
  • glarendx - calculate glare index
  • xglaresrc - dislpay glare sources under X11
  • evalglare - locate glare sources and calculate glare metrics in a RADIANCE image
  • pcomb - combine RADIANCE pictures.
  • pcompos - composite RADIANCE pictures.
  • pexpand - expand requested commands in metafile
  • pextrem - find minimum and maximum values in RADIANCE picture
  • pflip - flip a RADIANCE picture.
  • pinterp - interpolate/extrapolate view from pictures
  • protate - rotate a RADIANCE picture.
  • psign - produce a RADIANCE picture from text.
  • psort - sort primitives in metafile as requested
  • pvalue - convert RADIANCE picture to/from alternate formats
  • dayfact - compute illuminance and daylight factor on workplane
  • normpat - normalize RADIANCE pictures for use as patterns.
  • fieldcomb - combine to or more field frames for video animation.


Converters from RADIANCE

  • rad2mgf - convert RADIANCE scene description to Materials and Geometry Format
  • ra_gif - convert RADIANCE picture to Compuserve GIF
  • ra_bmp - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Windows BMP image
  • ra_pict - convert Radiance pictures to Macintosh PICT files
  • ra_ppm - convert RADIANCE picture to/from a Poskanzer Portable Pixmap
  • ra_ps - convert RADIANCE picture to a PostScript file
  • ra_rgbe - change run-length encoding of a RADIANCE picture
  • ra_t16 - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 16 or 24-bit image file
  • ra_t8 - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 8-bit image file
  • ra_tiff - convert RADIANCE picture to/from a TIFF color or greyscale image
  • ra_xyze - convert between RADIANCE RGBE and XYZE formats
  • ran2tiff - expose and convert a RADIANCE animation to TIFF frames
  • normtiff - tone-map and convert RADIANCE picture or SGILOG TIFF to RGB TIFF


Other Output

  • dgraph - do a set of graphs to a dumb terminal
  • gcomp - do computations on a graph file.
  • igraph - interactive graphing program


Metafile tools

  • libmeta.a - simplified interface to metafile
  • metafile - graphics command interface, similar to plot
  • objline - create metafile line drawings of RADIANCE object(s)
  • plotin - convert plot to metafile primitives
  • psmeta - convert metafile to PostScript
  • bgraph - do a set of batch graphs to a metafile
  • cv - convert between metafile formats
  • meta2bmp - convert metafile to Windows Bitmap (BMP) File
  • meta2tga - convert metafile to Targa image format
  • x11meta - output metafile graphics to X11
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