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Before you get started with Radiance

  • Unix for Radiance (by Axel Jacobs) - an introduction to Unix for new Radiance users without Unix command line experience.
  • Mac OSX intro (by Gulio Antonutto and Andy McNeil) - an introduction to Mac OS X for Radiance users who are new to the mac operating system.
  • Unix and Radiance (by Gulio Antonutto and Andy McNeil) - an introduction to Unix for Mac users.


Basic Tutorials

  • Radiance Tutorial
    Radiance Tutorial
    Radiance Tutorial (by Axel Jacobs) - A basic tutorial to get started with Radiance.
  • Radiance Primer (by Gulio Antonutto and Andy McNeil) - An overview of Radiance primitives, commands and workflow.
  • Scene 0 Tutorial - A simple room found in section 1.3 of the Introduction chapter of Rendering with Radiance (This chapter is provided free online).
  • Basic rendering tutorial with Radiance (by Dion Moult) - A short tutorial on how to Render an OBJ mesh with Radiance from the command line, with a camera angle calculated from Blender.


Intermediate Tutorials

  • Radiance Cookbook (by Axel Jacobs) - more advanced modeling and lighting analysis techniques.
  • Scene 1 Tutorial (from Rendering with Radiance) - This tutorial guides the user through modeling the corner of a cafe
    Scene 2 - Gallery
    .  It is found in Chapter 2 of Rendering with Radiance.  You'll needto purchase the book for this tutorial.
  • Scene 2 Tutorial (from Rendering with Radiance) - This tutorial guides users through modeling an art gallery.  It is especially useful for understanding Radiance's complex surface generators.  The tutorial is found in Chapter 3 of Rendering with Radiance.  You'll need to purchase the book for this tutorial
  • Create 360 VR panoramas with Radiance (by Dion Moult) - describes how to create sphere maps, equirectangular panoramas, and cube maps from Radiance for use in virtual reality.


Advanced Tutorials

Deprecated Tutorials:

  • Tregenza
    Tregenza sky dome
    rtcontrib lesson (by Axel Jacobs) - Using rtcontrib to compute daylight coefficients for annual daylight simulations.
  • Three-Phase Method Tutorial (by Andy McNeil) - Using rtcontrib and new BSDF capabilities to perform annual daylight simulation for complex fenestration systems (i.e. daylight redirecting and dynamic shading systems).
  • Five-Phase Method Tutorial (by Andy McNeil) - improving accuracy for direct sun in annual simulations with CFS.  A bash script to run and time the examples is also provided.
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