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BSDF Viewer

BSDFViewer is a utility for interactive exploration of BSDF datasets.  With BSDF view you can load a BSDF xml file and view the outgoing distribution for user-selectable incident directions.  You can look at transmission or reflection for front or back.


OSLink to binaries Notes
Mac OSX (10.6+) BSDFViewer v1.3.dmg (3.2 MB)
Fully functioning, supports tensor tree BSDFs
Windows (1.1 MB)

No support for tensor tree BSDFs.

A bug prevents custom color scales.


64-bit: BSDFViewer1.3_ubuntu_64.tar (5MB)

32-bit: BSDFViewer1.3_ubuntu_32.tar(4MB)

Supports tensor tree BSDFs

Some erratic behavior with colorscale text boxes


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