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Browse code in CVS


browse the Radiance CVS

What is CVS?

The Radiance code is stored in a Concurent Versioning System (CVS). It is essentially a repository for code that keeps track of all changes and enables collaboration.

Anonymous CVS access

The Radiance source code history is now publicly available via anonymous CVS from the Labs server at:

:pserver:anonymous at

To build and use from the CVS version, you will need the auxiliary files.

The following versions (so far) are tagged:

  • rad5R3
  • rad5R2
  • rad5R1
  • rad5R0
  • rad4R2P2
  • rad4R2P1
  • rad4R2
  • rad4R1
  • rad4R0
  • rad3R9
  • rad3R8
  • rad3R7P2
  • rad3R7P1
  • rad3R6P1
  • rad3R6
  • rad3R5

To get a copy of the head version of Radiance, use:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at co ray

To get a copy of version 3.7 patch 2, use:

cvs -d :pserver:anonymous at co -rrad3R7P2 ray

CVS is documented in Cederqvist's Version Management with CVS. O'Reilly publishes Vesperman's Essential CVS, which is available online through many university libraries.

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