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The official LBNL Radiance distribution as of October 8 2018 is version 5.2 (see release notes).† For installation instructions please see the installing Radiance page.† Radiance is licensed under an open source license.

Source Code

To compile from source you will need the following file which contains both source code and auxiliary files: rad5R2all.tar.gz (189 Megs - 188,248,735 bytes)

The following file contains just source code: rad5R2.tar.gz (11.2 Megs - 11,140,678 bytes)

The following file contains just the auxiliary files: rad5R2supp.tar.gz (179 Megs - 179,711,626 bytes)

Pre-compiled Binaries

For convenience, the programs have been compiled for the following systems:

OS Link to binaries
Mac OSX (10.6+ Intel) rad5R2_macosx_bin.tar.gz (5.8 Megs - 5,777,363 bytes)
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