[Radiance-general] monitor model upload in Desktop Radiance

Zack Rogers zrogers at archenergy.com
Tue Mar 20 16:31:18 CET 2007

Hi Mohamad,

I believe the best way to do this is by using a triangle marker in your desktop radiance scene and then using the replmarks command to replace that marker with the previously created Radiance monitor model.  I don't think Desktop Radiance has a clean way to do this in the interface so you may have to add this to the created rif and rad files behind the scenes.  This is a more complex process and I would suggest reading the Radiance manual pages on rif and rad formats and on replmarks.


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As I understand it, Mohamad is asking how to incorporate a model already in Radiance format into a Desktop Radiance scene.  There must be a back door or some trick, but I don't know anything about DR.


> From: "Mark de la Fuente" <MdelaFuente at wmtao.com>
> Date: March 20, 2007 6:06:43 AM PDT
> Are you asking for a radiance to autocad geometry converter?  That I 
> know of, there are only tools for exporting TO radiance, not from.  
> You might be better off either drawing your own cad furniture or 
> downloading furniture off the internet.  If you use the regular 
> radiance, you could combine both exported cad geometry as well as 
> radiance geometry (from some library) into your scene.
> Mark

> From: Mohamad Tarek Araji <maraji2 at uiuc.edu>
> Date: March 19, 2007 9:36:26 AM PDT
> Dear all,
> If at all possible, could you please help on that.
> I'm in the process of modeling an office space in Desktop Radiance.  
> Greg provided for me an accurate monitor model as part of the 
> furnishing to be incorporated in this space. The monitor is a .rad 
> file format. I didn't get the chance to insert the file in the cad 
> system. I asked Greg about this and he doesn't know enough about 
> Desktop Radiance to advise me on how to incorporate the monitor in my 
> model. Is there an advice that might help. The option of accessing the 
> file using the furnishing folder in the radiance menu (by uploading 
> the monitor in the library) didn't work.
> Is there is an efficient way to upload the monitor into my Desktop 
> Radiance model.
> With thanks and you are much appreciated.
> Respectfully,
> Mohamad

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