[Radiance-general] Radiance tool and Atrium daylight simulation

Lars O. Grobe grobe at gmx.net
Thu Mar 29 12:50:26 CEST 2007


just to add it to the list of options, take a look at Rayfront 
(www.schorsch.com) which is a great cross platform tool to both organize 
your project and have a nice GUI for everything you want. There is a 
demo available on the site, so you can try it out.

Second, as you mentioned that you have to simulate a lot of atriums. 
This sounds a bit like a lot of serial and scriptable work. Having a 
Linux machine and learning some bash scripting may be more useful here 
then clicking in GUIs. If you follow some conventions in you models 
(e.g. material/layer names, units, filenames...) then you could automate 
a lot of work and concentrate on modeling and interpreting the results 
instead of starting simulations from a GUI a hundred times. I personally 
like to use make for such stuff, but there are lots of options.

A, and of course, scripting on a Mac is the same as on Linux, Solaris 
etc., I am working most of the time on an old Powerbook and send the 
bigger processes to some Linux machines (which are faster and better 
cooled big pentium4s in my case). So I can actually share the club of 
those encouraging you to set up some nice OS X environment for this 
project ;-)

Good luck, Lars.

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