[Radiance-general] simulating an atrium

Martin Moeck Martin.Moeck at asu.edu
Thu Mar 29 01:02:52 CEST 2007

How does Ecotect deal with mkillum?


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I'd bet in ECOTECT 5.5 (not ver 5.2) plus the Radiance 3.7 compiled for 
    windows by F. Anselmo! Radiance binaries compiled with Mingw32 for 
    windows, look in: 

    Ecotect 5.5 is very fast and easy to model and run daylighting 
    simulations. Model your atrium, after that call RADIANCE Export Toll 
    and voila.
    ECOTECT has a very good interface trough RADtool, they run smooth and 
    you'll have very precise images and analyses.
    If possible, forget Desktop Radiance.

    Regards to all, from Brasil

1. Do you think Ecotech 5.5 with Desktop Radiance control panel (the
newest version ) is the right tool to do my atrium research? I like using it
for its clear GUI, but if it could finish similar work and achieve the same
results as its UNIX/LINUX brother?
  2.  I think a lot of complex atrium roofs have to be researched and
constructed in my project, if UNIX/LINUX Radiance is the most suitable tool?
If Linux version is good, could I use the Radiance on Cygwin Environment?

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