[Radiance-general] Radiance tool and Atrium daylight

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Please also consider the Mac option.

Radiance runs at full steam.

you can use vtk or opendx for cutting edge visuals or any other x11
based system (and these come either free of pre compiled for about 10
Pounds and do work well).

all maya, cinema4d, archicad, sketchup, formz, argon, vectorworks, modo,
solidthinking are native applications.... and many others for good 3d

Python is there so blender and Francesco and Thomas good stuff is ready
out of the box.

If you need to use Windows you can just have it side by side with
parallel and this works great (for instance you can drag and drop files
from one to the other or use copy and paste seamlessly... ask for a demo
and see it)

Tried keynote for presentations instead of PPT? 

finally you have a native, well working, Unix system but simple to use
and administer, with a nice coherent interface and a full set of system
you do not have two system panels from two different distributions that
try to do the same and one is v1.1b and the other v0.1.1, there is just
one, graphically coherent version throughout...

But I guess if I push more it will be clear that I have quite some

Good luck!


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Welcome to the wonderful confusing world of radiance. 

Firstly, I am a big fan of Ecotect, as it is a great tool for modeling.
certainly prefer it to Autocad, 3d studio etc. It's development was
intended for use during early design stages by providing quick iterative

However, I would also suggest that using it with Desktop Radiance will
only seriously limit the analysis process by limiting access to the
Radiance functions, but also potentially compromise the validity of your
results and cloud your understanding of the various Radiance analysis
functions and parameters.

So, if you have access to Linux and the latest Radiance versions, I
would go
with that, but use Ecotect to build your models and export the relevant
files. You can also export the analysis girds locations etc for use with
Rtrace directly within Linux version. Finally, you can then re-import
values to Ecotect for certainly visualization tasks. 

I run Ubuntu Linux on my windows machine through VMware workstation,
you can set up shared folders to move data between linux and windows. 

I would however strongly recommend that you have a look at Axel's
tutorials from London Metropolitan University as these are on the money
they say. They can be found at:

Good luck..

Nick Devlin Associates


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Hi, friends,
  I am a post-graduate student in Sheffield University. My project is
daylighting and I want to simulate atrium daylight using Radiance. As a
beginner of this tool, I have many questions:
  1. Do you think Ecotech 5.5 with Desktop Radiance control panel (the
newest version ) is the right tool to do my atrium research? I like
using it
for its clear GUI, but if it could finish similar work and achieve the
results as its UNIX/LINUX brother?
  2.  I think a lot of complex atrium roofs have to be researched and
constructed in my project, if UNIX/LINUX Radiance is the most suitable
If Linux version is good, could I use the Radiance on Cygwin
  3. Someone has told me that Radiance in Adeline is a cut-version, but
found some atrium daylight papers which have used this tool (Anca D.
Galasiu, Morad R. Atif from Canada, B. Calcagni, M. Paroncini from
How about your opinion?
  4. Mac Radinace is a new choice , I found some researchers recommended
Sketchup + Radiance is a good way. Could you compare this with Sketchup
Autocad) + Ecotech +Radiance?
  Many thanks to your help.
  Jiangtao Du
  Mphi/phd student in School of Arch in Sheffield Univ

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