[Radiance-general] Colorpict question

cveleglg at bankerinter.net cveleglg at bankerinter.net
Mon Mar 26 11:28:10 CEST 2007

Thanks Tomas,

> You don't have to use a digital image as source (normpat will
> take care of that, too). Only if you want to use the image
> as illumination source you need a properly calibrated HDR image
> which can only be obtained with a digital camera.
No, I need image as a simple pattern on the floor. If I understood you 
well I can use any image, as long as I know the average reflectance of 
the material.

> I have a few comments on image maps here:
> http://home.arcor.de/tbleicher/radiance/imagemaps.html
Nice page, but I think that picture aspect can be set with A1 variable 
in colorpict definition :)

void colorpict pattern1
7 red green blue picture_norm.pic picture.cal tile_u tile_v

1 A1

Thanks again,

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