[Radiance-general] Colorpict question

cveleglg at bankerinter.net cveleglg at bankerinter.net
Mon Mar 26 09:17:46 CEST 2007


I want to define a material with colorpict pattern, and I plan to use 
non calibrated digital photos of a material sample taken by ordinary 
If I know the average reflectance of the real material (r ,g ,b) is the 
material defined with next procedure physically correct:
1)normalize photos average brightness with normpat
2)use it in a colorpict primitive:
void colorpict pattern1
7 red green blue picture_norm.pic picture.cal tile_u tile_v

1 A1

3)define basic material with the average grey reflectance as a real material:
void plastic mat1

5 grey(r,g,b) grey(r,g,b) grey(r,g,b) 0 0

4) define alias:
pattern1 alias mat_with_pat material1

I've read previous posts on similar topics, but most of the images 
mentioned were already calibrated, so I'm not sure if resulting 
material in my example would have appropriate appearance (pattern) and 
still appropriate reflectance (basic material). Of course I don't 
expect to obtainr 100% accurate reflectance in each point of the 
material :)


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