[Radiance-general] Re: monitor model upload in Desktop Radiance

Terrance McMinn T.McMinn at curtin.edu.au
Wed Mar 21 02:50:21 CET 2007

My memory of DR is very old, but I seem to remember that it had problems
with two issues:
1) TAB characters in the file - cannot remember if the xform program was
able to sort that one out.
2) The LF versus CR/LF end of line terminations.

I remember I had some fun trying to use the Unix developed models in the
MS/DR environment, eventually giving up and using Linux and the latest
Radiance. (Now I am using VMPLAYER to run the Linux/radiance and sharing
the hardware/file systems via samba - works a treat) - Just export your
CAD model using 3ds or dxf, copy it across to the Linux file system (via
samba), convert with 3ds2mgf + mgf2rad or the dxf2rad method. Then use
trad as a nice friendly gui to radiance.


Terry Mc Minn

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