[Radiance-dev] Radiance compiled with mingw gcc (windows)

Georg Mischler schorsch at schorsch.com
Tue Sep 13 13:52:53 CEST 2005

Francesco Anselmo wrote:

> I've just noticed I forgot to mention that I've also added
> libws2_32 (-lws2_32) to the list of linked libraries to get
> some programs compiled.

What does this do? Is this a compatility layer added by mingw?

I just added a mingw specific config file to CVS:

# platform specific settings for Windows (mingw)

# where you want everything
RAD_BASEDIR:   c:\radiance3.6a
RAD_BINDIR:    bin
RAD_RLIBDIR:   share\lib
RAD_MANDIR:    share\man

# shouldn't need any changes
CC:         gcc
LINKFLAGS:  -lws2_32

CC:         gcc
CCFLAGS:    -g
LINKFLAGS:  -lws2_32

# never touch below this
RAD_ARGSCOMPAT: fixargv0.c
RAD_PROCESS: win_process.c win_popen.c


I moved some of your stuff to (hopefully) more appropriate lines,
and also corrected the other Windows config (VC6 and cygwin) in
the same way.

> I've tried all of them, and they compile. What is strange is that
> if I use both -f somefile.cal and -o somefile.dat, the program
> exits nicely without writing the file, but if I remember well
> only with windows, not with linux ... strange!

Nothing obvious that I can see here, but of course things could
go wrong in many different ways.

> BTW It looks like the mingw developer are going to add support for large
> file system files at some point, probably later than sooner ...

How are they planning to do this? They would have to extend the
system libraries, as far as I can tell.


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