[Radiance-dev] Re: HEAD files missing / was: Re: [Radiance-general] rholo restart stalls with "bad magic number"

Greg Ward [email protected]
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 08:07:25 -0700

Hi Peter,

I'm sorry.  I misinterpreted events.  When I uploaded and unpacked the  
distribution on radiance-online.org, these files were somehow missing,  
or so I thought.  I just went through what I did again, and discovered  
what went wrong.  You see, I neglected to add the supplementary files  
on top of the distribution after unpacking it and before running  
makeall, which attempted to install files in ray/lib without first  
creating the directory.  (It was always there before.)  When it hit the  
following point in the build:

cd /home/greg/ray/lib ; rm -f tmesh.cal
/bin/sh: line 1: cd: /home/greg/ray/lib: No such file or directory
cp tmesh.cal /home/greg/ray/lib
cp: cannot stat `tmesh.cal': No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

It wasn't able to change to the library directory, then inappropriately  
removed tmesh.cal.  So, when I went to look at it later, I was too  
hasty in deciding that it was never there to begin with.

I will modify the installib script to create the ray/lib directory if  
it doesn't already exist, and this will fix the problem for others who  
make the same mistake.

Sorry for the false alarm.

> From: Peter Apian-Bennewitz <[email protected]>
> Date: Sun Oct 19, 2003  7:22:49  PM US/Pacific
> Greg Ward wrote:
>> P.S.  For some reason, the source auxiliary files are not included in  
>> the HEAD distribution.  The following files are missing:
>> ray/src/common/tmesh.cal
>> ray/src/cv/lamp.tab
>> ray/src/cv/source.cal
>> ray/src/cv/tilt.cal
>> ray/src/gen/clockface.hex
>> ray/src/gen/glaze1.cal
>> ray/src/gen/glaze2.cal
>> ray/src/gen/illum.cal
>> ray/src/gen/rev.cal
>> ray/src/gen/skybright.cal
>> ray/src/gen/surf.cal
>> ray/src/rt/rayinit.cal
>> Please add them, as makeall depends on them for proper operation.
> apian@www $ tar vtfz  
> /www/www.radiance-online.org/htdocs/software/snapshots/radiance- 
> HEAD.tgz ray/src/gen/clockface.hex
> -r--r--r-- apian/cvs     47088 1995-05-25 18:32:35  
> ray/src/gen/clockface.hex
> apian@www $ tar vtfz  
> /www/www.radiance-online.org/htdocs/software/snapshots/radiance- 
> HEAD.tgz ray/src/gen/skybright.cal
> -r--r--r-- apian/cvs      1100 2003-02-22 03:07:24  
> ray/src/gen/skybright.cal
> These are the files generated nightly since January 2003 and  
> distributed by the webserver.
> So what's the problem ? Am I missing some vital point here ?
> -Peter