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Revision: 3.1
Committed: Sat Feb 22 02:07:30 2003 UTC (21 years, 2 months ago) by greg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rad5R4, rad5R2, rad4R2P2, rad5R0, rad5R1, rad3R7P2, rad3R7P1, rad4R2, rad4R1, rad4R0, rad3R5, rad3R6, rad3R6P1, rad3R8, rad3R9, rad4R2P1, rad5R3, HEAD
Log Message:
Changes and check-in for 3.5 release
Includes new source files and modifications not recorded for many years
See ray/doc/notes/ReleaseNotes for notes between 3.1 and 3.5 release

File Contents

# Content
1 # Tcl autoload index file, version 2.0
2 # This file is generated by the "auto_mkindex" command
3 # and sourced to set up indexing information for one or
4 # more commands. Typically each line is a command that
5 # sets an element in the auto_index array, where the
6 # element name is the name of a command and the value is
7 # a script that loads the command.
9 set auto_index(make_script) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
10 set auto_index(make_oct) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
11 set auto_index(run_rad) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
12 set auto_index(run_batch) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
13 set auto_index(kill_batch) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
14 set auto_index(make_vmenus) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
15 set auto_index(do_action) "source $dir/do_action.tcl"
16 set auto_index(amb_delete) "source $dir/do_options.tcl"
17 set auto_index(copyopts) "source $dir/do_options.tcl"
18 set auto_index(do_options) "source $dir/do_options.tcl"
19 set auto_index(newfent) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
20 set auto_index(lbgetf) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
21 set auto_index(oct_delete) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
22 set auto_index(getdepend) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
23 set auto_index(vwselfil) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
24 set auto_index(movselfil) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
25 set auto_index(delselfil) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
26 set auto_index(copyscene) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
27 set auto_index(do_scene) "source $dir/do_scene.tcl"
28 set auto_index(zonechange) "source $dir/do_zone.tcl"
29 set auto_index(indscale) "source $dir/do_zone.tcl"
30 set auto_index(copyzone) "source $dir/do_zone.tcl"
31 set auto_index(do_zone) "source $dir/do_zone.tcl"
32 set auto_index(preen) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
33 set auto_index(setradvar) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
34 set auto_index(putradvar) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
35 set auto_index(load_vars) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
36 set auto_index(save_vars) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
37 set auto_index(newload) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
38 set auto_index(newsave) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
39 set auto_index(newnew) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
40 set auto_index(do_file) "source $dir/do_file.tcl"
41 set auto_index(testappend) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
42 set auto_index(list_views) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
43 set auto_index(delpic) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
44 set auto_index(get_selpics) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
45 set auto_index(dsppic) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
46 set auto_index(cnvpic) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
47 set auto_index(prtpic) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
48 set auto_index(do_results) "source $dir/do_results.tcl"
49 set auto_index(viewchange) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
50 set auto_index(vnchange) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
51 set auto_index(selview) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
52 set auto_index(addview) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
53 set auto_index(delview) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
54 set auto_index(copyviews) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
55 set auto_index(do_views) "source $dir/do_views.tcl"
56 set auto_index(getfile) "source $dir/getfile.tcl"
57 set auto_index(update_dir) "source $dir/getfile.tcl"
58 set auto_index(set_curfile) "source $dir/getfile.tcl"
59 set auto_index(chk_select) "source $dir/getfile.tcl"
60 set auto_index(beep) "source $dir/util.tcl"
61 set auto_index(view_txt) "source $dir/util.tcl"
62 set auto_index(cardval) "source $dir/util.tcl"
63 set auto_index(writevars) "source $dir/util.tcl"
64 set auto_index(helplink) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
65 set auto_index(gethelp) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
66 set auto_index(helpopen) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
67 set auto_index(helpgoto) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
68 set auto_index(helpupdate) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
69 set auto_index(helphist) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"
70 set auto_index(helpsearch) "source $dir/gethelp.tcl"