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Revision: 2.15
Committed: Sat Sep 17 05:14:15 2005 UTC (18 years, 7 months ago) by greg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rad5R2, rad4R2P2, rad5R0, rad5R1, rad4R2, rad4R1, rad4R0, rad3R8, rad3R9, rad4R2P1, rad5R3
Changes since 2.14: +1 -0 lines
Log Message:
Created ran2tiff script for batch animation exposure and conversion

File Contents

# Content
2 SCCSid "@(#)README 2.11 6/9/98 LBL"
4 This directory contains glare calculation programs and other utilites
5 that combine functions and do not fit under the usual catagories.
7 glare.h common data structures for glare source finding routines
8 netproc.h header file for network process routines
9 ranimove.h header file for ranimove modules
10 setscan.h defines for programs using setscan()
11 vars.h header file for loadvars.c routines (used by rad and ranimate)
12 Version.c symbolic link to ../rt/Version.c (current Radiance version)
13 compamb.csh script to compute good ambient value and exposure setting
14 findglare.c find glare sources in a scene or image
15 getinfo.c program to read and manipulate binary file information headers
16 glarendx.c compute Glare Index given by program name or -t option
17 glaresrc.c gather samples and compute glare sources
18 glareval.c compute pixels for glare calculation
19 glrad.c render Radiance scene in OpenGL
20 loadvars.c routines to read variables for rad and ranimate
21 netproc.c routines to control processes on local and remote hosts
22 rad.c executive program to run oconv, rpict and pfilt (and rview)
23 ranimate.c animation control program
24 ranimove.c main for ranimove program and control file handling
25 ranimove1.c basic frame rendering routines for ranimove
26 ranimove2.c frame refinement routines for ranimove
27 rpiece.c program to control parallel generation of a picture
28 rtcontrib.c rtcontrib program main & support routines
29 setscan.c convert angle ranges of the form a-b:s,c to discrete values
30 vwright.c short program to read in and modify views
31 x11findwind.c find an X11 window from its name
32 xglaresrc.c circle glare sources in a displayed image
33 dayfact.csh compute and plot daylight factors on user-specified workplane
34 debugcal.csh C-shell script for debugging .cal files
35 fieldcomb.csh script to combine field animations (use with ranimate)
36 glare.csh interactive script to run findglare, glarendx, xglaresrc
37 objpict.csh script to compute 4-view picture of an object
38 objview.csh script to run rview on an object
39 raddepend.csh script to find dependencies in Radiance files
40 rlux.csh script to compute lux values using rtrace
41 tradinstall.csh script called by make to install trad on systems running wish
42 trad.wsh graphical user interface to "rad" based on Tcl/Tk (wish script)
43 do_action.tcl action submenu for trad
44 do_file.tcl file submenu for trad
45 do_options.tcl options submenu for trad
46 do_results.tcl results submenu for trad
47 do_scene.tcl scene submenu for trad
48 do_views.tcl views submenu for trad
49 do_zone.tcl zone submenu for trad
50 getfile.tcl file browsing utility
51 gethelp.tcl help utility
52 util.tcl miscellaneous utilities
53 do_results3.6.tcl version of do_results.tcl for wish3.6
54 do_scene3.6.tcl version of do_results.tcl for wish3.6
55 do_views3.6.tcl version of do_views.tcl for wish3.6
56 getfile3.6.tcl version of getfile.tcl for wish3.6
57 gethelp3.6.tcl version of gethelp.tcl for wish3.6
58 tclIndex procedure index for Tcl/Tk library directory
59 file.hlp help file for getfile.tcl
60 help.hlp help file for gethelp.tcl
61 trad.hlp help file for trad.wsh
62 trad.icon X11 bitmap for trad icon
63 help2roff script for converting help files to troff/nroff for printing