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Revision: 2.12
Committed: Sat Sep 17 05:14:14 2005 UTC (18 years, 7 months ago) by greg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rad5R4, rad5R2, rad4R2P2, rad5R0, rad5R1, rad4R2, rad4R1, rad4R0, rad3R8, rad3R9, rad4R2P1, rad5R3, HEAD
Changes since 2.11: +3 -0 lines
Log Message:
Created ran2tiff script for batch animation exposure and conversion

File Contents

# Content
2 SCCSid "@(#)README 2.8 10/22/96 LBL"
4 This directory contains special and general purpose filters for RADIANCE
5 picture files and converters to and from other image formats.
7 pcond.h header file for picture conditioning program pcond
8 pic.h header file for reading and writing pictures
9 pict.h header file defining Macintosh PICT format
10 rasterfile.h header description for Sun rasterfiles
11 x11raster.h header file for X11 routines using images
12 aedimage.c display program for AED 512 color graphics terminal
13 clrtab.c median-cut color quantization routines for 8-bit output
14 macbethcal.c program to calibrate image conversion using Macbeth chart
15 neuclrtab.c neural network color quantization code
16 pcomb.c combine picture files according to calcomp functions
17 pcompos.c program to composite pictures
18 pcond.c condition Radiance picture for display/output
19 pcond2.c pcond input and output conditioning routines for pcond.
20 pcond3.c pcond routines for computing and applying brightness mapping.
21 pcond4.c pcond routines for veiling glare and loss of acuity.
22 pextrem.c program to find min and max values in picture
23 pf2.c routines used by pfilt
24 pf3.c routines for gaussian and box filtering
25 pfilt.c program to post-process picture file
26 pflip.c flip picture file horizontally and/or vertically
27 pinterp.c interpolate and extrapolate pictures with different views
28 pmapgen.c affine transformation for image mapping used by macbethcal
29 protate.c program to rotate picture file 90 degrees clockwise
30 psign.c produce picture from text
31 pvalue.c program to print pixel values
32 ra_gif.c program to convert from RADIANCE to GIF format
33 ra_pict.c convert to Macintosh PICT file
34 ra_ppm.c program to convert between RADIANCE and Poskanzer Pixmaps
35 ra_ps.c program to convert to greyscale PostScript file
36 ra_rgbe.c program to convert from RADIANCE RLE to flat format
37 ra_skel.c skeletal converter between RADIANCE and generic 24-bit format
38 ra_t16.c program to convert between RADIANCE and Targa 15+ bit formats
39 ra_t8.c program to convert between RADIANCE and Targa 8 bit format
40 ra_tiff.c program to convert between RADIANCE and 24-bit TIFF files
41 ttyimage.c program to dump pixel file to dumb terminal
42 vgaimage.c program to display pixel file on VGA or SVGA card
43 x11findwind.c function to find X11 window by name
44 x11image.c picture display driver for X11
45 x11raster.c routines to handle images for X11
46 xshowtrace.c display a picture under X11 and watch the rays get traced
47 falsecolor.csh C-shell script to produce false color pictures
48 normpat.csh C-shell script to normalize pictures for tiling patterns
49 pdfblur.csh compute views for depth of field blurring
50 pgblur.csh Gaussian blur function
51 pmblur.csh compute views for motion blurring
52 pmdblur.csh compute views for combined motion and depth-of-field blurring
53 ran2tiff.csh expose and convert animation frames using pcond and ra_tiff
54 xyzimage.csh display images correctly for a particular monitor's primaries
55 tiff/ TIFF image library