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Comparing ray/src/ot/README (file contents):
Revision 2.2 by greg, Wed Sep 30 11:33:48 1992 UTC vs.
Revision 2.3 by greg, Fri Aug 25 20:03:47 1995 UTC

# Line 4 | Line 4
4   This directory contains the octree generation program "oconv" and the
5   bounding box sidekick "getbbox".
7 plocate.h       header for 3D vector location
7   bbox.c          routines for bounding box computation
9 clip.c          routine to clip 3D line segments to a box
8   getbbox.c       compute bounding box for scene files
9   init2otypes.c   initialize ofun[] list for bounding box checker
10   initotypes.c    initialize ofun[] list for octree generator
# Line 15 | Line 13 | o_cone.c       routines for intersecting cubes with cones
13   o_face.c        routines for creating octrees for polygonal faces
14   o_instance.c    routines for creating octrees for other octrees
15   oconv.c         main program for object to octree conversion
18 plocate.c       routine to locate 3D vector w.r.t. box
16   readfargs.c     allocate, read and free object arguments
17   readobj2.c      routines for reading in object descriptions
18   sphere.c        routines for creating octrees for spheres

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