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Revision: 3.5
Committed: Mon Nov 8 17:41:03 2004 UTC (19 years, 6 months ago) by greg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rad5R4, rad5R2, rad4R2P2, rad5R0, rad5R1, rad3R7P2, rad3R7P1, rad4R2, rad4R1, rad4R0, rad3R8, rad3R9, rad4R2P1, rad5R3, HEAD
Changes since 3.4: +1 -0 lines
Log Message:
Removed more unused files and compiles (genrhenv and glx driver)

File Contents

# Content
2 SCCSid "@(#)README 3.2 1/7/98 SGI"
4 This directory makes rholo and its display drivers and rhcopy.
6 holo.h main header file for holodeck handling routines
7 rhd_qtree.h quadtree data structure for display drivers
8 rhdisp.h header for display process communication
9 rhdriver.h header for display drivers
10 rholo.h main header for rholo modules
11 x11icon.h icon output of "bitmap" for rholo X11 and GLX drivers
12 Version.c symbolic link to ../rt/Version.c
13 dircode.c direction vector encoding/decoding
14 genrhenv.c program to generate environment maps from holodeck sections
15 genrhgrid.c program to generate Radiance section grid representations
16 holo.c holodeck initialization and manipulation routines
17 holofile.c holodeck file handling routines
18 rhcopy.c program for copying information into holodeck files
19 rhd_ctab.c color table manager for X11 driver
20 rhd_glx1.c simpler OpenGL driver using cones
21 rhd_qtree.c quadtree support for display drivers
22 rhd_qtree2c.c routines to draw quadtree leaves as cones
23 rhd_qtree2r.c routines to draw quadtree leaves as rectangles
24 rhd_x11.c X11 driver routines
25 rhdisp.c main routines for display process
26 rhdisp2.c beam list management for display process
27 rhdisp3.c utility routines for display process
28 rholo.c main routines for rholo program
29 rholo2.c rtrace utility routines for rholo
30 rholo2l.c local rtrace process communication
31 rholo3.c beam list management for rholo
32 rholo4.c display process communication routines for rholo