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Comparing ray/src/cv/README (file contents):
Revision 2.5 by greg, Thu Jun 23 23:04:22 1994 UTC vs.
Revision 2.6 by greg, Fri Aug 25 20:03:44 1995 UTC

# Line 8 | Line 8 | tmesh.h                triangle mesh (barycentric coordinate) defini
8   trans.h         translator definitions
9   arch2rad.c      convert Architrion file to Radiance
10   ies2rad.c       convert IES luminaire data to Radiance description
11 +        default lookup table associating lamp types with colors
12   lampcolor.c     program to convert lamp color from table and compute radiance
13 + mgf2meta.c      program to convert from MGF language to metafile 2-d graphics
14   mgf2rad.c       convert Material and Geometry Format to Radiance scene
15   nff2rad.c       convert Neutral File Format input to Radiance scene description
16   obj2rad.c       convert from Wavefront's .obj format to Radiance
17 + rad2mgf.c       convert from Radiance to MGF language
18   thf2rad.c       convert GDS things file to Radiance scene description
19   thf2rad2.c      modified thf2rad with different cylinder end caps
20   tmesh.c         triangle mesh (barycentric coordinate) routines
# Line 20 | Line 23 | trans.c                translator utilities
23      function file for light sources from ies2rad
24        computes tilt factor for ies2rad
25       interpolates triangle surface normal using barycentric mapping
23        default lookup table associating lamp types with colors

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