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Revision: 1.2
Committed: Tue Oct 25 22:53:14 2011 UTC (12 years, 8 months ago) by greg
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: rad5R2, rad4R2P2, rad5R0, rad5R1, rad4R2, rad4R1, rad4R2P1
Changes since 1.1: +1 -0 lines
Log Message:
Added files needed by cmake

File Contents

# Content
1 MANIFEST This file
2 README Instructions
3 License.txt Radiance license agreement
4 Help file for installation without X11
5 makeall Script for installing software
6 installib Script for installing library files
7 newuser Script for getting user information
8 doc/man UNIX man pages
9 doc/materials.1 Description of material reflectance models
10 doc/notes Miscellaneous notes
11 doc/ps PostScript versions of manuals
12 doc/pdf Adobe PDF versions of manuals
13 doc/ray.1 Reference manual (groff -ms format)
14 doc/ray.html Reference manual (HTML format)
15 lib Library files
16 obj/alpha 3D alphanumeric characters
17 obj/cabin Cabin in the woods (from user's manual)
18 obj/misc Simple examples
19 obj/office An office model
20 obj/texture Example of textures and patterns
21 obj/virtual Virtual light source example scene
22 src/cal General calculation programs
23 src/common Common source directory
24 src/cv Converters from other input formats
25 src/gen Object generator programs
26 src/hd Holodeck rendering programs
27 src/meta 2-dimensional graphics programs
28 src/ot Octree converter
29 src/px Picture display and processing programs
30 src/rt Ray tracing programs
31 src/util Utility programs